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Discover the easiest way to capture content right from your phone. Trint’s mobile app lets you record, transcribe, and publish your content instantly. 

There are 2 phones with one facing downwards and another facing the viewer. The Trint mobile home page is showing on the phone that is facing the viewer. In the app, the viewer can see basic settings and recently edited transcription files.

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Record audio anytime, anywhere

From lectures to interviews to global conferences - Trint’s mobile app helps you effortlessly capture audio wherever you are in over 30+ languages. Playback the audio and text on screen to verify for accuracy, and then share in an instant with others to begin collaborating.

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A person is holding their phone with Trint open and recording their conversation.
A mobile phone that has Trint running to show a transcription.

Seamless syncing between mobile and web

No matter where you are, you can rely on Trint to record what’s happening and seamlessly sync back to the web app. This allows your teams to have access to all recordings as they are happening, so you can work together to get your story out faster.

A truly global platform

Transcribe audio on the go in over 30 languages with Trint’s mobile app, then translate that content into 50+ languages in an instant with Trint’s web app. A unified experience to help you create content that is truly globally accessible without delay.

For teams working across multiple countries, the mobile app and web platform are available in English, French and German, expanding its usability across borders. 

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A person is using their phone with Trint open on the screen. The user is scrolling through all the transcription languages that Trint provies.

Tell your story

Be first, be fast

Transcribe any audio or video files, or capture content live. Pull key quotes from transcripts to craft your narrative; hit play to verify quotes and hear your narrative come to life.

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Two people talking while recording a podcast. There is an indication in the bottom corner that a live transcription is in progress.
A woman is working from her living room while transcribing a call in real time.

Make your transcript perfect

Start with a 99% accurate transcription, then turn it into the perfect basis for content creation by quickly editing, adding speaker names or custom vocabulary, and checking timecodes before you verify.

Best-in-class security

Ensure your content is protected with Trint’s ISO-certified security. Easily manage users’ permission levels and use version history to ensure peace of mind when editing your content. 

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A person is working on their laptop with Trint on the screen. In the bottom corner there is an emblem to show Trint is ISO 27001 certified.

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